Rig 102 Files

Conductor Casing Schematic
Rig Spec Sheet
Drill Site Layout

Hoisting & Rotation

Drawworks:Oilwell 760-E (1200HP) powered by (2) GE 752 traction motors
Parkersburg 56053 auxiliary brake
Top Drive:Canrig 6027 AC Electric 600 HP
275 Ton AC Electric Drive
-Integrated swivel
-Pipe Handler
-Integrated backup leg
-Max Drilling Torque = 30,000 ft-lb
-Max Breakout Torque = 60,000 ft-lb
-Maximum Speed = 225 RPM
Traveling Block and Hook:TFI 250 ton becket
Rotary Table:TFI ZP-275 (27 ½")

Mast & Substructure

Mast:Superior Derricks 136' w/ 550,000# capacity on 10 lines
Substructure:Superior Derricks 20' box-on-box substructure
550,000# rotary table supporting capacity
350,000# pipe setback load capacity


BOP’S:11" x 5,000 psi Shaffer annular
11" x 5,000 psi Shaffer LWS double
Accumulator System:CPC 8 Station accumulator
Choke Manifold:10,000 psi choke manifold

Mud System

Mud Pumps:(2) JIG 1600 (1600HP each) triplex pumps each independently powered by (2) GE 752 traction motors
Mud Pits:(2) tank system -1000 bbl capacity w/ 60 bbl slug pit
Solids Equipment:(2) Derrick Super-G linear shale shakers
(1) 10" 2-cone desander
(1) 5" 10-cone desilter
(5) mud agitators
(1) Mud gas separator


System:(3) Caterpillar 399-B engines (1200HP each) w/ Kato 1030 KW AC synchronous generators
SCR System:International Electric Company Systems (IPS)
3 X 4 (1500HP) SCR house w/ GE evolution 9000 MCC

Pipe Handling

Floorhand:Bloom + Voss FloorHand FH-80
Laydown:Canrig PC 3000 Automated Catwalk


Drill Pipe:4 ½" 16.60# G-105 drill pipe
Drill Collars:8" Round Drill Collars
6 ½" Spiral Drill Collars

Storage Tanks

Drilling Water:500 bbl capacity
Fuel:9,500 gallon capacity


Equipment:NOV MD-TOTCO EDR (base system)
Rig Manger and Crew Quarters
(2) air hoists (10,000# capacity each)
Electronic survey unit w/ 15,000' wire line machine
Drill pipe spinner
Top drive Supervisor